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What We Do

Discovery Planet delivers a programme of accessible learning experiences from a welcoming venue on Ramsgate High Street

Our Vision

Everyone in Thanet has access to an inspiring space, where they can participate in enriching activities, and build a vibrant, cohesive community.

Our Mission

  • To deliver a programme of inspirational, enriching learning activities, with an emphasis on STEM.

  • To broaden participation by listening to our community and identifying barriers to taking part.

  • To provide opportunities for people to come together and find joy through shared positive experiences

  • To enhance our offer by collaborating with a range of individuals, organisations, and businesses 

  • To maintain a creative, innovative approach, pushing boundaries to inspire participants.

  • To create opportunities for work experience and volunteering.

  • To contribute to a vibrant High Street.

  • To provide infrastructure support to other individuals and organisations, so that they can deliver activities of benefit to the community. 

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